5 Mom Marketing Tactics For Holiday 2017

While most moms are focused on summer vacations, marketers should be preparing for their holiday sales purchases. The holiday season begins in just a few short months and with new sales comes the need for new marketing tactics. The team at BSM Media is committed to empowering marketing professionals with the tools to meet your holiday sales goals. Here are five of the outreach programs we’ve tested and proven during 2017.

Retail Social Spotters: Moms purchase at the recommendation of other moms on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Brands reap the benefits of increased sales when they make it easy not only to find the perfect gift, but also go the extra step to show them where to buy it. Social Spotters are social media influencers who post product pictures from the aisle of retailers, from WalMart to small boutiques. Not only do they promote products to their friends and family, they show the products on the shelves. All of this valuable content can be reposted on the brand’s social media. To learn more about Social Spotters, you can visit www.socialspotters.com.

Review Videos: It’s a fact – 90% of all moms in a BSM Media survey say they consult reviews prior to buying products online or in a store. Millennial moms in particular choose video reviews as their primary source of information. Brands need to have the content that moms need, when and where they want it. Reviews done by moms like themselves are best and should be no longer than 3 minutes. For toys and products aimed at children less than 17, we encourage clients to post review videos done by their peers on www.kidzvuz.com.

Amazon Content: Brands know the importance of Amazon reviews but few are thrilled with the number of ratings they receive from buyers. BSM Media can help with this frustration through our exclusive partnership as a content provider to Amazon. Below you will read more about our Amazon Review Video program. Last holiday season, many of our product videos receive thousands of views by potential buyers. Reports indicate that sales rise if a consumer watches a review video while shopping online. BSM Media and our social media influencer vloggers stand ready to produce videos for you with distribution on MomTV.com and Amazon.com.

Surprise and Delight Moments: We credit Chick-fil-A for this philosophy of marketing. After all, who doesn’t like a fun, meaningful surprise? A surprise and delight moment might be sending a toy sample to a mom influencer who has a child having a birthday at the time she receives the sample, or a sample is sent on her behalf to her favorite charity.   Meaningful interactions with moms that are unexpected create loyalty and praise on social media.

Short-form videos: Moms are busy. Creating short-form videos that communicate your message quickly will hit a homerun this holiday season. If you are a food product, show moms how to make the perfect edible gift. If you are a product that doubles as part of a craft, show them the ideas in video form. Identify crafty or DIY influencers to help you product these fast and fun communication tools that will resonate with moms.

Holiday 2017 will be here sooner than we think. BSM Media is ready to help you exceed your sales goals. Email Laura@bsmmedia.com to obtain a proposal for your holiday marketing plan.

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