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13 Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for 2013

It’s 2013 and as the number on your calendar changes so should some of your mom marketing strategies.  I’ve assembled 13 do’s and don’ts that you may want to pay attention to as you enter the new year.

  1. Do create a strategy for Pinterest.
    Looking for  Millennial moms? This is the virtual playground where  Millennial moms are swapping ideas for centerpieces to strollers. And it’s just not “pinning” your products. It’s about having a visual conservation with your potential customers. Check out Premama, a prenatal vitamin company who engages expectant moms on Pinterest by sharing ideas for baby showers.
  2. Do make sure you are watching new social media platform apps like SnapChat.
    Younger moms tend to be more visual, and want to have conversations with more than words. SnapChat lets you converse only with videos and photos.
  3. Don’t forget video in your marketing plan.
    You hear me talk about video whenever I talk about what’s next in connecting with moms. Well, the next is here! For the same reason that Pinterest and SnapChat are important video leads the way to connecting with  Millennial moms.
  4. Don’t assume that the same mom bloggers you worked with in 2012 will fit your brand in 2013.
    Mom changes as the age of her child changes. Her interests, style and focus grow along with her the evolution of parenthood.
  5. Do evaluate the blogger conferences you are sponsoring.
    There was a day when the most influential bloggers could be found gathering at BlogHer and other larger conferences. Today, it seems that these conferences serve more to educate beginners on social media.  Before getting involved in a conference, make sure to clearly define your goal in attending or sponsoring the event.
  6. Don’t forget to look at a mom’s offline influence as well as her online influence.
    You’ve heard me say this before, only one-third of all moms reads blogs, so it’s important to go beyond mom bloggers for true influence.
  7. Don’t forget to give moms a way to share your information, discounts and product samples with other moms.
  8. Don’t send mom bloggers press releases and ask them to “share” the information with their readers.
    The more experienced mom marketers are saying, “Duh,” but believe me, I am still getting at least a dozen “Dear Mom Blogger, I thought your audience would find the attached information useful/helpful/interesting.” WRONG!! Just don’t do this anymore.
  9. Don’t forget that mom’s who are writing blogs are running businesses, so many, if not most, will expect to be paid in 2013. 
  10. Don’t just do a blog tour with your product; consider a Vlog tour with video reviews.
    Groups like have mom bloggers willing to do video reviews with your products. This gives your brand content on YouTube and other video-based platforms.
  11. Do consider in-home events for your brand as a way to have moms experience your products with friends and family.
    Whether it’s a House Party or, the Tupperware-like party is a good way to get your product into the hands of moms.
  12. Don’t forget to evaluate what you did in 2012.
    Too often brands throw money at moms and forget to look at measurement.
  13. Do set goals that help you obtain success in the Mom market.
    Before you dive into the mom market, make sure you know what defines success for you and your brand.