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Marketing to the Mom of College Bound Gen Zers

If current tuition rates are any indication, college and university recruitment is big business. Competition is high as enrollment numbers continue an upward trend year over year to the latest number of 20.5 million students in fall 2016, according to a report by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Whether your brand offers products for students or you are part of a marketing team at a college or university, recent research by BSM Media offers valuable insights on engaging with student populations and decision makers. BSM Media’s unique programs leverage relationships and opportunities for this segment of moms and their college-bound children.

The Big Shop

– Moms and their college-bound students start shopping for dorm and apartment décor as soon as the acceptance letter is opened. Social Spotters (link) “shelfies” highlight dorm room essentials on store shelves that are shared on social media sites of moms and their GenZ coeds

– On average, families spend $800 each on outfitting a new college living space

– Parents say they spend almost $500 on the actual move-in day(s), from road trip fuel or airline tickets to the hotel stay

Moms of College-Bound Students

– 56% share the college selection decision with their children; another 10% make the ultimate choice

– 60% suggest colleges to her child during college search

– 25% of moms begin the college search process with her child in the 1st semester of high school, another 20% start in the summer between sophomore and junior years

– 80% of moms follow their child’s college Facebook page

– 20% use and other search sites; 19% use search engines such as Google and Yahoo!

Tactics for Colleges and Universities

– Distribute “How-To Apply” digital content, such as “How To Write A College Essay”. The team at BSM Media will create relevant, engaging social media content for your audience.

– Search social media for moms in the college search process and engage with relevant content or comments

– Live Stream events on campus such as orientation, spirit days and exam prep

– YouTube, YouTube, YouTube; post videos on the second most popular search platform after Google. Video is king, and BSM Media has the tools and expertise to produce valuable YouTube content.

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