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202 bit-sized nuggets that you can read on the weekend and put to work on Monday morning to grow your business. Invaluable in understanding this new generation of customers. #mustread

Lori Lorenz Director of New Business Solutions, HP, Inc.

Maria connects with the mom market like no other marketer I’ve ever worked with. She and her group at BSM Media can do the grandest or most specific programs one could imagine, and they do it all with excellence.

Dan Aziz President, Luna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Maria Bailey is our go to for how to market to moms. I am so excited about this new book as it provides the road map for how we can reach more moms!

Lisa Druxman Founder of FIT4MOM

Maria Bailey has done it again. Today’s marketers will benefit greatly from Maria’s extensive knowledge and helpful suggestions on increasing relevance and engagement with Millennial Moms.

Kate Clark Public Relations & Events Manager, Britax USA

Maria Bailey knows and executes the art and science of connecting brands to Moms and Moms with brands for maximum benefit for all. Every consumer product I invest in gets connected to Maria to increase its speed to success.

Maxine Clark Founder, Build-A-Bear Workshop

Millennial Moms is must read for brand managers. Bailey provides such incredible facts, information and insights that will benefit marketers leaps and bounds looking to connect with these consumers. Every marketer should have a copy of this pronto!

Audrey McClelland Co-owner, Mom Generations and Co-founder, Getting Gorgeous

Reaching beyond the facts, Bailey creates a compelling narrative that connects one with Millennial Moms on an intellectual, emotional, and behavioral basis.

Stephen Paljieg Vice-President - Corporate Development at Portfolia, Owner of eXo Innovation LLC

To grow for the future, businesses must effectively motivate buying decisions in Millennials. The information presented in this book is everything you need to feel well-equipped for that journey.

Jennifer Labit Founder and CEO of Cotton Babies

Millennial Moms gives marketers just what’s needed to understand and tackle the next big consumer opportunity. Get this book, apply Maria Bailey’s 202 nuggets of wisdom, and then take your business to the next level.

Soren Kaplan, Ph.D. Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Leapfrogging

Why is studying one group of consumer behavior so important? Well, it’s always wise to study a group of people coming into their own as a major shopping force… Millennials are projected to spend $1.4 trillion annually in retail purchases by 2020. But more than that, we need to pay close attention because they’re the first digitally native generation—something that is already having a huge impact on commerce, and their behavior is bleeding into the rest of the population.

Ted Rubin Social Marketing Strategist and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators