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Top global brands have engaged Maria in the following areas:

  • Strategy planning
  • Marketing execution
  • Product development
  • Research
  • Product launches
  • Program development
  • Keynote speaking

Here’s what clients say about working with Maria Bailey:

Maria Bailey was our main source of inspiration when we started up or mom-targeted business in 2008 in Italy and continues to be our reference today when it comes to understanding market changes through technology and a new generation of mums.

Paolo Prestinari Founder of Fattore Mama

Maria connects with the mom market like no other marketer I’ve ever worked with. She and her group at BSM Media can do the grandest or most specific programs one could imagine, and they do it all with excellence.

Dan Aziz President, Luna Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

To request a proposal  contact Laura@bsmmedia.com or to learn more about the services offered by Maria Bailey and BSM Media please visit www.bsmmedia.com.