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Ad Age credits Maria Bailey for creating the Marketing to Mom niche among marketers.  Her reputation and work has taken her around the world as a keynote speaker and strategist. Maria is an invited speaker to well-respected, top industry events and conferences including:

  • Johnson & Johnson Global Meeting
  • Disney Global Marketing Strategy Meeting- Paris, France
  • L’Oreal Think Tank
  • Kid, Youth & Parent Summit
  • Primrose Schools National Convention
  • Fattore Mama MOMarketing- Milan, Italy
  • Global Organization of EPA and DHH
  • Canada Parents Conference
  • Marketing to Moms- South Africa
  • Marketing to Moms Summit- Istanbul, Turkey
  • Consumer Electronics Show – Mommy Sandbox
  • Digital Kids
  • National Food Industry Association
  • National Orthodontics Conference
  • Orthosynthetics
  • National Association of Convenience Store Owners

Maria Bailey is also available for one-on-one meetings with C-Suite executives or as a facilitator for strategy meetings.

Empower your audience with knowledge! Maria can speak to any topic related to Marketing to Moms:

  • Millennial Moms: Capturing the Spending of Today’s Mothers
  • Marketing to Moms
  • Unlocking the Spending Power of the Chief Household Manager
  • Millennial Moms: Defining A New Generation of Mother
  • Connecting to Moms through Social Media
  • Marketing Strategies that Connect with Moms
  • Defining Mom Influencers and Leveraging Their Influence to Sell Product
  • Understanding the Female Consumer
  • Women’s Business Issues