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The BOGO Of Offline Events

As I watched a mom snap a picture of a BOGO cereal display in my local grocery store last week (that she most likely shared on Facebook and Instagram), it reminded me of the importance of offline social interactions with moms that become a two-for-one, or BOGO opportunity for marketers.

Face-to-face gatherings, formal or informal, allow brands to reach mothers who will then share their experiences on numerous social media sites. From play dates to parties, moms of every generation love social events where they can share their latest news and updates. The distinct difference that is the BOGO bonus for brands and products is the crossover of offline content that gets shared online quickly and easily, in the time it takes to tap a touch screen phone.

A common mistake for brands is to select mom influencers based on social media reach. This is certainly an important number to consider. However, brands should look at the big picture that includes offline channels of communication. In a recent survey we conducted:

  • Over 54% of Millennial Moms say they belong to at least three offline groups, while 56% of GenX moms report that same number.
  • 23% of Millennials get together with friends in person “a few times each week,” 20% say “weekly” and almost 25% socialize “a few times each month.”
  • Of Gen X moms, 22% get together “a few times each week,” 27% gather “weekly” and 25% of the respondents say they meet other moms “a few times in a month.”

That’s a significant amount of time spent together where moms are talking about everything from their latest makeup finds to their easy dinner recipes or toddlers’ latest food choices.

Two recent events served as excellent reminders of the power of offline events with online reach. The first was a consumer event geared toward expecting and new parents, and the second event was an invitation-only conference hosted by a major entertainment company. The organizers of both events, very different in size and scope, offered moms an opportunity to interact with other moms, to learn about relevant products, brands and topics, and to share that information not only on their own social media sites, but also on each brand’s social media sites.

It’s fascinating to watch the interactions at mom-focused events. Picture any number of mom influencers enjoying each other’s company, talking about brands while posting on social media. It’s a marketer’s BOGO dream.