Celebrating The Involved Millennial Dad

Let’s turn the spotlight on millennial dads. We all know that millennial moms are the hot topic right now, with this youngest generation of mothers (and all millennials) set to become the largest generation of consumers this year. Moving into the top spot of influence with moms are the dudes who, like moms, view fatherhood much differently than their own dads did. From parenting to finances, the traditional areas of responsibility for millennial dads have definitely been blurred and on most issues, redefined.

In a recent survey, millennial moms voiced their opinions on the roles of their spouses/partners, and dads chimed in as well, clearly stating their desire to demonstrate confidence in parenting tasks. Overwhelmingly, moms see today’s dads as “much more hands-on and involved.” Dads do more around the home and have no qualms about manning up to help with children.

  • The number of stay-at-home fathers in the United States has tripled in the past 10 years to 154,000, according to the most recent Census data. Some experts argue that the real figure could actually be in the millions, if the definition is broadened to include dads who work part-time while remaining the primary caregivers.
  • Among the daily to-do lists of parenting, the chores most often shared by both parents are diapering, homework, drop-off/pick-up and bedtime routines.
  • Almost 26% of millennial moms feel they split the duties of a parent equally between her and her partner.
  • More fathers are now doing the household grocery shopping, with almost 40% of moms saying that millennial dads will handle a major shopping trip and more (60%) will handle the smaller store runs for the basics.
  • In a generational comparison, more than half (57%) of millennial moms believe the household and family workload rested mostly on their mothers, who assumed more than 60% of day-to-day tasks.
  • For today’s couples, roles are often shared and also switched. As one mom summarizes, “My husband is so involved, working opposite shifts so one of us can always be with them. We each have our role. He does a.m. and I do p.m. parenting. On weekends everything is shared.”
  • Mom-centric events like baby showers are being repurposed for millennial Dads. Whether you call them Man Showers or Dadchelor Parties, dads are celebrating their entry into fatherhood with their friends by hosting these casual events in places like their living rooms or at their favorite bars.

Even the phrase “mom influencer” can now include men who have built popular brands around their views as a dad. Popular dad influencers have built sites like DadaRocks and LunchboxDad that offer a different take on parenting that many fans, especially millennial moms, love to read for the unique perspectives of involved millennial dads.

Happy Father’s Day to the Millennial Dads, and dads from every generation.

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