Back to School Means More Than Just Pencil And Pens

It’s Back to School season for moms, and perhaps as a marketer you have overlooked the opportunity to tap into mom’s wallet because you don’t sell school supplies or computers. Don’t make this mistake. The start of the school year means much more to mothers than packing lunches and backpacks. It’s recognized as New Year’s Day on a mom’s calendar.

It’s the time of year when she sets her calendar of activities for the next 10 months and begins anew in areas of fitness, meal planning and organization. It’s even the time of the year that she considers employment options. In order to help you avoid missing this buying season, I’ve put together a short list of product categories and industries that should be talking to moms as she prepares for the back-to-school season.

Weight loss and fitness: For moms of preschoolers, it’s an idea that’s been on the “to-do” list for four to five years: Lose the baby weight and get in shape. She now has new time in her schedule for that gym membership or diet plan. As her child gains some independence, she is likely to turn toward regaining some of her own identity. Now is the perfect time to encourage her to set a fitness goal for the Fall.

Meal planning solutions: The first school bell rings, and suddenly the calendar is clogged with after-school practices and carpooling. Sixty-seven percent of moms do not know what they are cooking for dinner at 4 p.m. Now is the perfect time to remind mom that your brand offers quick, tasty and healthy meal options for her on-the-go family.

Activities for the little ones: Marketers often forget that most moms of school-age children have a preschooler or baby at home. As she’s thinking of her older child’s success in school, she’s also focused on preparing younger siblings for their future school days. This means there’s an opportunity for app makers, preschool activity centers and even on-the-go snack foods to market to moms during back-to-school season.

Organizational products: As with the Jan. 1 New Years’s Day, moms will use this time to get organized for the year. They organize their home in preparation for the holidays. They organize bedrooms while changing out seasonal clothing. Now is a great time for organizational brands to offer Moms a hand with all her tossing and packing needs.

Holiday: Our research shows that 75% of moms begin picking up holiday gifts in September. Whether it’s toys that they fear will sell out later or summer sale items for teacher gifts, they are open to holiday shopping during back-to-school season.

Allergies, Cold and Fever Brands: Let’s face it, you put 30 new students together in a room and suddenly there is an outbreak of allergies, colds and flu. Like clockwork, two weeks after school begins, moms will be running to the drugstore for Claritin or Children’s Advil. Help mom prepare for that, “Mom I don’t feel well” moment by reminding her to stock up while boosting your bottom line.

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