Father Knows Best … With The Help Of A Smartphone And Social Media

More and more, we are reading articles and blog posts about the changing roles of fathers in today’s family. Everyone seems to agree that today’s fathers are more involved and active in their role as parent and caregiver. Last month, in cooperation with the Marketing to Moms Coalition, we fielded a survey of 100 social media-savvy dads to get a sense of how technology played a part in daily fatherhood. Here are some of the results.

Smartphones Rule

Close to 70% of Dads indicate that they own a smartphone and use it for shopping, with the most popular use listed as “looking up store locations and hours.” Guess this dispels the myth that men don’t ask for directions. Other popular smartphone uses include keeping family and work schedules (48%) and managing grocery lists and using online coupons (37%).

Social Media in the Spotlight

More Dads than ever are using online tools and social media to get information, communicate with others and save money.

  • Online coupons are very popular, with almost 79% of Dads admitting they use email coupons, email offers, blog/deal sites and search engines for specific coupons.
  • Ninety-three percent use Facebook and 72% use Twitter to communicate with friends and family.
  • Almost 40% of these Dads “like” over 20 brands on Facebook, with 85% liking a brand “whose products/services (they) prefer.” In a close second, 81% of Dads like a brand that offers deals, discounts and coupons.
  • 62% post on Facebook when they want to share with family and friends, most often posting pictures of family/friends or reposting news.

Dad’s social media and technology use closely reflects what we know of Mom’s use – both are rapidly increasing as parents seek time- and money-saving solutions, information and ways to share news.

As marketers looking for a connection with your consumer, you should use technology to create a relevant and meaningful dialogue to turn your Followers and Friends into loyal customers regardless is they are Mom or DAD.

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