Where Your Brand Needs to Be in 2012

There have been lots of predictions about moms in the New Year: how moms are shopping, what they will buy and what you should be doing to connect with them. I decided to focus on the “where” in the formula of how to market with moms. Even the best tactics will miss the target if they are executed in the wrong environment.

You’ve heard it a hundred times that moms are a moving target, always on the go and constantly connected via numerous technology tools. Deploying the right marketing strategy that engages moms in a relevant dialogue with you and your brand is essential to earning her loyalty. Here’s where you need to be in 2012:

1) On YouTube- As the second largest search engine, YouTube provides moms an easy way to not only search for products, but to also learn how to use them. Create short videos – less than 3 minutes – that tell moms how to create solutions with your product. Use mom vloggers or mom employees to produce videos in order to create a relevant connection with the female audience.

2) On Pinterest- If you haven’t discovered this hot, new social media community yet, make it a New Year’s Resolution. This is not only where moms are migrating for ideas and product suggestions, but it’s cool to her ‘tween and teenage kids as well. The next time a mom blogger tells you she loves your product, ask her to “pin” it on her Pinterest bulletin board.

3) In Her Home- An article by the Associate Press last week, titled “Why Are Toys Selling Out? Might be Mommy Blog Buzz” , focused on the success of LeapPad Explorers and their popularity, thanks to the buzz created by MommyParties . It’s using the fun of Tupperware parties without the pressure to buy items. Allowing moms to test and share your product in a social setting is an effective way to fully engage mothers in peer marketing.

4) In Her Email Box: We often forget the power of email, however moms are still reading emails several times a day. In fact, most moms say they learn about sales and promotions via email. They also say they don’t want numerous emails promoting the same deal or emails that have no relevance to their lives. In other words, don’t send a mother with teenagers an email promoting baby food. An “unsubscribe” is sure to happen, followed by a delete of your company from her buy list.

5) At Smaller Niche Conferences: Brands love to sponsor conferences but often do so without a plan or strategy behind it. Sometimes bigger is not better. There are over 30 mom blogger and social media conferences in 2012. Some of the smaller, more intimate conferences can provide you a better platform to truly ENGAGE with the moms in attendance. It’s not about being a logo on a brochure, but rather truly engaging with the moms who are at the conference. There are conferences for Christian Moms, Frugal Moms, Video Moms and many others. Look for the conference that fits your brand and message.

6) On Her iPad: “There’s an app for that” and moms on average have 31 of them on her iPad. One third of the apps on her ipad are there at the request of her children. Make sure you are among the solution-oriented apps that she downloads to her wireless device in 2012.

7) On iTunes: More and more moms are listening to podcasts. It’s easy and inexpensive to create a podcast for your brand. Consider what solutions you can offer mom and pull up a microphone. For example, if you are a car company, create product podcasts on travel ideas or destinations for families. If you are a food brand, consider a cooking podcast. If you can’t find a radio guru in your hallways, think about contracting with a mom podcaster to host your show for you.

I wish everyone a successful 2012. Remember, it’s about engaging instead of connecting, relevance instead of inundating, relationships instead of quick hits. With these strategies, you’ll find 2012 as your best year ever in the mom market.