Mommy Blogger Monologues

This week the Marketing to Moms Coalition and BSM Media, www.bsmmedia.comhosted the Mommy Blogger Monologues. It was the second of a national tour of events planned to educate, inform and create a dialogue between Mommy Bloggers and companies.

When I created the Mommy Blogger Monologues it was the outcome of reading hundreds of mom blog posts which expressed a discontentment with how marketers were reaching out to them. Bloggers complained that their in-boxes were being clogged with irrelevant press releases and emails asking for one-sided favors.

Companies on the other hand are eager to get to these influential mothers. Last week’s New York Mommy Blogger Monologues seemed to hit the mark for both bloggers and marketers. In fact, you can read some of the great recaps from the bloggers’ perspectives hereherehere and here.

The panel was filled with eight very smart and savvy mom bloggers:

Gabrielle Blair, founder of, and

Kimberly Coleman of

Kelcey Kintner of

Alexis Martin Neely of

Amy Oztan of and

Kim Pace of

Amy Platt of

Andi Silverman of

These women provided many very good tips for working with moms in the blogosphere. Among them:

– Read the blog before sending a release to determine if your product is a good fit for the mom and her audience

– Be honest and transparent

– Introduce yourself and speak to the moms as you would anyone else

– Present a mutually beneficial marketing idea

– Don’t pay for placement but do remember that some blogs are a business

– Ultimately the blogger is loyal to her readers

I feel very fortunate to know mom bloggers and even more grateful that they are willing to share their insights with companies.

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