More from the Campaign Trail….

Since I’m always interested in the attitudes and intentions of Moms, we recently polled Moms nationwide on a topic that is on everyone’s minds these days: campaign 2008. We know that Moms are planning to come out to the polls and we know the hot-button issues in the Presidential race. But, debate topics aside, what do Moms really think about what they’re seeing on the campaign trail? Let’s find out. Here are some of the results of our most recent Presidential Campaign Survey.

Moms on the Election:

  • 63% try to stay abreast of major issues

– 22% read and watch everything, from political blogs to shows

  • 85% plan to vote for President in 2008

– 10% are unsure

– 5% don’t plan to vote

On the Running Mate Decisions:

  • 65% have not changed their opinions of the candidates since the running mates were announced, while 15% have changed their feelings

– 20% are not sure if their feelings have changed

  • Of those whose feelings have changed:

– 28% are still undecided

– 7% were previously undecided but now voting Republican

– 6% were previously leaning towards the Democrats but are now voting Republican

– 5% were previously undecided but now voting Democrat

– 3% were previously leaning towards the Republicans but are now voting Democrat

  • 78% said the running mate choice has a significant impact on their vote
  • 70% have not changed their feelings on John McCain since his running mate announcement

– Of those whose feelings changed, 53% are now more inclined to vote McCain/Palin

On Sarah Palin:

  • When asked to describe their feelings on Sarah Palin:

– 36% think she was a great choice and are planning on voting Republican

– 24% think it was a contrived political move

– 14% are encouraged that a woman could potentially be our VP but don’t agree with her stance on issues

– 11% like her a strong woman but are not planning on voting for her

– 9% don’t think it was a wise choice for John McCain

– 5% said they were unsure of their vote before, but don’t want to pass up the chance to see a woman in the white house

  • When asked if Sarah Palin’s role as mother of 5 influences their view of her:

– 29% said yes

– 24% said somewhat

– 43% said no

– 4% don’t know

  • 74% relate to Palin as a woman and mother

– Of those:

§ 75% relate to her facing family difficulties

§ 45% relate to the way she balances a career and family

§ 42% relate to her conservative views

§ 30% relate to her having children later in life

§ 24% relate to her having a child with a disability

§ 16% relate to her political aspirations

  • When asked if they agreed with the way Palin is handling her pregnant daughter’s situation:

– 52% said Yes

– 32% said Somewhat

– 16% said No

  • 63% believe that Palin’s family life will have a significant impact on her campaign

On Michelle Obama:

  • 60% relate to Obama as a woman and mother

On Women/Moms in Politics:

  • When asked if they would consider supporting a ticket that included a female candidate, even if they didn’t agree with the party’s view on the issues:

– 53% said no

– 26% didn’t know

– 21% said yes

  • When asked how much the parenting styles of Michelle Obama or Sarah Palin play into their decision

– 47% give it some consideration

– 40% said it makes no impact

– 11% give it a lot of consideration

– 3% said it greatly impacts their vote

  • 80% think there is a double standard facing women in politics
  • When asked if they believe a mother can adequately balance family and a position such as VP of the US

– 63% said Yes

– 24% aren’t sure

– 14% said No

  • 56% believe that it’s equally taxing to balance the roles of both Vice President and First Lady with motherhood

– 30% think it’s easier balancing motherhood as the First Lady

– 5% think it’s easier balancing motherhood as the Vice President

On Candidates Speaking to Motherhood:

  • 47% think Barack Obama is doing a better job speaking to the issues that are important to mothers
  • 40% think John McCain is doing the better job